Top 5 Supplements – Review


Supplement review – Top 5 supplements

I have been lifting weights now for approximately 10 years and tried out most of the supplements on the market.
Me and most of the lifters that i know are always looking for some ways to maximize our progress. From my own experience i have found out that these supplements can help me increase my strength, size and cut along with a healthy diet and hard training.

Here are the top 5 supplements at least in my opinion.


top 5 supplements

This product increases your testosterone levels, and testosterone is the hormone that makes you grow. When i started using this product i was blown away with the results it gave me. I gained about 2-3 kilos of body mass in about 1 month and increased my bench press personal record about 15% which i had plateaued in for several weeks. Of course i did train hard and ate well but i have to give some credit to this product.

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2. N.O Xplode

top 5 supplements
I have always loved pre-workout supplements and i am a huge fan of N.O Xplode. Pre-workout supplements are designed to take before workouts to get more energy, focus, pump and endurance. This product gives me a great pump feeling in my muscles and gives me the focus and endurance to push myself through the last reps that can often be hard and physically demanding. It contains creatine that increases your size and strength. If you are looking for some extra energy and pump this product is definitely going to help you.

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3. Amino energy

 top 5 supplements

In my work i have to work long shifts and i don’t always feel like working out when my work day is over. This product gives me the energy to go workout after my work day is over. It contains allot of stimulants that give me the extra energy i need when i am feeling tired. I also like using this product in the morning starting my day full of energy.

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4. 100% Whey Gold Standard

top 5 supplements

Everyone that is serious about working out and eating healthy knows how important protein is to recover after workouts and build muscle. I have tried many god protein products but i think this is the best one. It is a very pure form of protein without to many fats and carbohydrates added to it.

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5.100% Casein Gold Standard

top 5 supplements


Casein protein is a slow digesting protein which means it takes longer for your body to brake down the nutrients in it. I drink this before i go to sleep so i have a steady flow of protein intake the whole night.

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