Sticking To A Diet – By Pauline Nordin


Sticking To A Diet – By Pauline Nordin

I never adopted the cooler trend where every fitness chick carries her little box to keep chicken breasts fresh during travel. To me it´s a hassle to use it and honestly I prefer to be lazier than pre cook food. This is what I do on the road:

  • Always research the internet before you go. Where are the grocery stores? Gyms? Health food stores? The more you know the better prepared for the trip you´ll be.
  • Call the hotel you are staying at and request a microwave to the room. They do have them, they just prefer not to flaunt them since they want people to eat their expensive food.
  • Be ready for some days with less veggies than usual. It sucks because you will get hungrier, but that is where the canned veggies come in handy! every gas station has some kind of green beans in a can!
  • Carrots and cabbage in bags travel surprisingly well in luggage! And so does mustard.
  • Always bring a big plastic bowl, fork and whatever you need so you can eat at the hotel room without having to ask them bring a plate which will be too small for your portion anyway.
  • Always bring protein powders and wheat bran. Worst case scenario you will live off this for the days on the road. You gotta do what you gotta do right!
  • Prepare for the munchies. They are always staying at hotels. So bring your favorite tea, sugar free chewing gum, crystal light, diet coke etc.
  • Pack canned pink salmon, salmon jerky.

Sticking to a diet

When you travel you will need to compromise. If you know you cannot resist giving in to temptations if you get hungry, please please bring that cooler with you. I would never eat anything if it was not “perfect”, I rather go with nothing than something I wouldn´t consider to be top of the top food… ON the other hand I trust myself that I can go hungry for long time and not succumb to the temptations. It was not always like that though. I practiced!

If you eat at restaurants, ASK exactly for what you want. Be a pain in the ass. They CAN bring you stuff, they are just ignorant if they don´t. Feeling embarassed about it because your body cannot visually back up your extreme diet philosophy yet? well, tell them you are allergic to oils, dressings and whatever you don´t want! ,-)

Author : Pauline Nordin

Twitter: Fighter_diet
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