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Mr Olympia 2013

mr olympia 2013


Mr Olympia is the biggest bodybuilding competition in the world.  Only the biggest and best bodybuilders get the opportunity to compete in Mr Olympia.  The first Mr Olympia was held in 1965 since then we have seen many bodybuilding legends compete in Mr Olympia like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Haney, Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman and many more.

When i look at the contenders this year i think it’s going to be a close call with Jay Cutler back, Kai Greene hungry as a wolf and Phil Heath a current champion, i think it is safe to say that Mr Olympia 2013 is going to be interesting.

Top Contenders – Mr Olympia 2013

#3. Jay Cutler

mr olympia 2013

Jay Cutler is an experienced bodybuilder that has an amazing record of four Mr Olympia titles. He did not compete last year, but it will be interesting to see if he comes back with a mindblowing physique and wins the 5th Olympia title. Jay Cutler is a great bodybuilding champion and i think he will showcase a phenomenal physique and take the third place.

#2. Phil Heath

mr olympia 2013

Phil Heath “The Gift” has won the last two Mr Olympia competitions. Will he continue his triumph and and win the third title? Phil has improved his physique tremendeously last couple of years and is likely to win the Mr Olympia 2013. Phil Heath will be a strong contender this year, that is for sure, but i think he will take the second place for Mr Olympia 2013.

#1. Kai Greene

mr olympia 2013


Kai Greene “The Predator” was second place last year on the Mr Olympia. It was a close call between Kai Green and Phil Heath. Kai Greene has been competing on the Olympia scene since 2009 with good results. I think that Kai Greene will bring what it takes to be a Mr Olympia 2013 champion. Kai Greene is hungry for a Mr Olympia title and i believe he will win the Mr Olympia 2013.


Who do you think will win Mr Olympia 2013 ?

Comment below who you think will be in the top 3 on Mr Olympia 2013.

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