Kai Greene Quotes – Top 5


Kai Greene is a professional bodybuilder. He is a Mr Olympia contender and one of the best bodybuilder of all times.


Here are the Top 5 Kai Greene Quotes

kai greene quotes

Kai Greene Quotes – Top 5

1. If I have to die tonight , if this weight is going to kill me tonight ,so be it! I am dying where I wanna be.

2. Your dreams are always going to be the most important to you than they will be to anybody else. So keep dreaming, keep believing, keep pressing forward. So all those warriors out there – be encouraged

3. In the mind of every artist there is a masterpiece.

4. It’s like you have to save your own life, nobody is going to be your savior for you, so we have to do what we have to do, no matter what it is

5. If you don’t have a dream… then you have nothing to work for… nothing to get up in the morning for… No reason.. and no purpose to be. but friends we do have a dream and dreams do come true not because we keep believing but we keep Working Hard.

So there you have it these are the top 5 Kai Greene quotes.