Hardcore Back Workout


Hardcore Back Workout Routine

Most of the lifters I know are always looking to build that back thickness , big lats and a strong back.

But unfortunately many of them are not willing to do what it takes to get that thick and strong back that is so desireable.

This workout is only for the hardcore lifters who are willing to do whatever it takes to build a massive looking back with lats looking like butterfly wings from behind!

hardcore back workout

Requirements before you start this workout:

  • Be well rested
  • Good nutrition
  • Warmup properly
  • Bring your A-Game
  • Wear a T-back singlet

hardcore back workout

Workout routine

Deadlift with powershrugs (3.sets 5 reps)
The weight on the bar should be approximately 80% of your deadlift max.
Start deadlifting the bar and do 3 powershrugs then repeat this 5 times.
So you get 5 deadlifts and 15 powershrugs in each set.

Weighted Pullups (3.sets till failure)
If you can’t do weighted pullups you can do without weight instead.
Go hard or go home, don’t cheat go all they way down !

One Arm Dumbell Rows (3.sets 8-10 reps)
Go heavy in this one! If you can do more then 10 reps go heavier!
But remember even though you are lifting heavy, a good form is far more important then the weight you are lifting.!
Be careful or you will risk snapping some sh*t up!

Straight Arm Pulldown (4.sets 8-12 reps)
Feel the burn as you go down and then slowly up again repeatedly.
Your lats should be on fire after 4 sets of these.

Back Extensions with weight (3.sets till failure)
Your lower back should be crying after this.
If you are doing more then 12 reps in a set go heavier!

Dumbell Shrugs (3 sets till failure)
Imagine that your lats can touch your ears when performing this exercise and try to do so!

Now that you know how to train your back properly see our Hardcore Chest Workout to get massive and aesthetic pecs.

At the end of this workout i would recommend that you roll your back with the Foam roller!
It helps your muscles to recover faster in between workouts. If you don’t know how to Foam roll
Click here to learn how to Foam Roll!



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