Got Glutes?


Got Glutes? 

5 ways to hit them hard without squats (it’s not only squatting that builds a butt people!)


Hip thrusters

Yes even the boys should be taking part in my number one butt exercise. This exercise isolates the glutes like nothing else. Set yourself up on a bench with a loaded barbell and dip low and squeeze up. To take pressure of the heavy barbell off your hips, wrap a neck protector around the bar or a towel to make it more comfortable. Challenge yourself, pile on the weight and push yourself! The mistake most people make with this exercise is that they are not adding enough weight; remember the glutes are one of the biggest muscle groups on your body and can handle more than you think.

Tip: Keep your feet shoulder width apart and point your toes out for even more glute isolation


Cable kick backs

Want that perfect and ever coveted ham-glute tie in? If you do, give this a try. Hook your ankle up to a lower cable pulley about a foot off the floor, bend over (stick that butt out) and kick straight back and squeeze. Take your time with this movement as it is a great opportunity to use time under tension, keep the weight low to isolate and really feel the burn.


Reverse lunge

Instead of doing the standard lunge or walking lunges, grab a set of heavy dumbbells and step back, get nice and low and push off the front heel. Going backwards helps with isolation and focuses more on the glutes and hams. You will also want to eliminate momentum or swinging which would help propel you forward like with regular lunges.

Tip: Use a small step and step back and off. This allows you to get lower into the lunge which will help you get a deeper stretch in the hams.


Plié squats

Ok yes I know this is a squat but this is a great version and usually an overlooked alternative to the regular squat and really puts focus on the glutes and inner thigh. Get nice and wide and point those toes straight out to the side, as you drop into the squat push your knees out towards your toes, get below parallel and then push back up through your heels and squeeze.

Tip: For the more advanced, put each foot up on a step for an even deeper squat. Keep that chest up though, no time for injuries and bad form here!


Smith machine lunges

Using the smith machine for lunges allows you to be stable which really helps isolate the glutes, plus you can pile on the weight and really challenge yourself without too much risk. Just like your regular lunge, put one leg out front and your knee should be at 90 degrees (or lower) at the bottom of the lunge. With the smith machine version, keep your torso upright to take pressure off your back and put as much as your weight as possible on the front working leg. Finish all the reps with one leg before switching to the other. Doing this will isolate your hams and glutes like crazy. Get ready to feel the burn!

Author: Christina Barrett

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