Gift Wishlist for Your Gym Bag


 Gift Wishlist for Your Gym Bag

The gym is more than just a place to burn calories. It’s a sanctuary. It’s the place in which you can prepare for the day, or blow off steam after working too many hours at my-boss-is-a-total-jerk-mart. It’s your place. So, when it comes down to it, the gym is the perfect place to spoil yourself. It’s already your turf, so why not make it as comfortable, enjoyable and effective as possible? Below are the items you need to do just that. Consider this your gym bag wish list:


iPod Shuffle

It’s one of the most basic technological pieces out there, and yet the iPod Shuffle($49) is totally capable – and actually totally perfect – to pump up your gym session. It doesn’t require any fancy armband because it clips neatly right to your top or bottoms. You can load it up with about 200 songs, so more than enough to fuel a workout. If you’re looking for music but don’t want a hassle, add the iPod Shuffle to your wishlist.

Asics Gel-Fluent TR Sneakers

Having good shoes is essential in the exercise realm. It’s really one of the most basic pieces to a workout. So why not opt for the best? While Asics is a top-notch brand all around, these particular sneakers offer a gel cushioning that will protect and support your feet as you run or work out.

 Kindle Fire HD 7

The new Kindle Fire HD 7($139) will occupy your mind with both audio and video as you’re trucking away on the cardio machines. You can download apps like Netflix and Hulu+ to access your favorite shows and movies while you work out. Press play and your workout will be over before you know it.

Bose SIE2i Headphones

The enjoyment you experience from your music or video relies heavily on your headphones. Do they fall out as you move? Do they hurt your ears? Are they overly sensitive to sweat? All of these factors together, or even alone, are qualities of bad headphones. Replace yours with Bose SIE2i($150) to experience maximum enjoyment and comfort. They’re sweat and water resistant, and the range of ear tips available mean they’ll definitely fit your face. A bit pricey, but these headphones deserve a place on your wishlist.


 UA Undeniable Storm LG Duffle

Nothing is more annoying than trying to shove items into a bag that’s too small. Say you want to workout in the morning, for example. You plan to shower at the gym post-workout and head right toyour jobfrom there. That requires a decent amount of packing: initial workout gear, shower supplies, products to get ready for work and work attire. You need a bag that can carry that weight. The UA Undeniable Storm LG Duffle($55) won’t let you down. It’s practical, sizable and high quality, too.If it’s a bit too big for your needs, the medium ($45) might be more your style – I’ve been using it in “Steeltown Gold” for the last 4 months and I love it.

Fitness Boot Camp

It technically can’t fit in your gymbag, but wouldn’t you like to add a fitness class to your wishlist? Experiential gift-giving is on the rise, and this is no exception. Classes and organized exercises are the perfect thing to jumpstart or complete a workout regime. There’s added motivation, a force driving you to reach outside your comfort zone and you’re sure to learn new moves, too. I just finished the Fitness Boot Camp at Power Train and might be in the best shape of my life. Find a Power Train gym in your area or look for similar programs at your local gym for a gift that will make for a great new year’s resolution.

Hand Sanitizer

A simple thing you might overlook, hand sanitizer is something every gym-goer should have. Whether you’re in the locker room, using the elliptical or lifting weights – consider all the germs you come in contact with! Luckily, to sanitize, you have some awesome-smelling varieties to choose from – like warm vanilla sugar, candy apple or eucalyptus spearmint. At $1.75 and in a variety of colors, it makes a great stocking stuffer!

 KleanKanteen “The Original” Classic 27oz

Stop using plastic bottles and invest in this eco-friendly high-quality stainless steel “classic.” It holds 27oz, so you won’t have to stop and constantly refill your water supply. “The Original” ($20) will also keep your water cool – in a plastic and BPA-free interior – to instantly refresh you as you quench your thirst.


MISSION AthletecareEnduracool Instant Cooling Towel

Unlike normal sweat towels, Mission’s AthletecareEnduracool Instant Cooling Towel($15) does just that – instantly cools. It’s fueled by patented technology that allows the towel, when soaked, wrung out and snapped, to immediately cool. It’s a great tool to keep you from overheating at the gym. It feels pretty darn refreshing, too.

Clif/Luna Protein Bars

Inexpensive as they are, this wishlist item will really make a difference. Clif Bars or Luna Bars(12 bars for $15) – both of which pack protein, fiber and other necessary nutrients – make the perfect pre or post-workout snack. My favorite flavor is the lemon zest Luna Bar – what’s yours?

WunderUnder Crop II Leggings

Not only are these lululemon cropped leggings($82) figure flattering, they’re also top quality. They’re designed for yoga but will work for most exercise with their flat seams and move-with-you design. They’ll also resist sweat build-up, providing true comfort.

With these items in your gym bag, you’ll never dread your workout again! So, what did I miss? Make sure you share your dream gym items in the comments below!

Adrienne Erin is a freelance designer, writer, and avid fitness enthusiast. You can read about her health-inspired adventures at Foodie Fitness, or visit her on Twitter at @foodierx.