Enter the Iron Asylum: Let the Freak Show begin


Enter the Iron Asylum: Let the Freak Show begin

Warning: Bodybuilders in mirror ARE larger than they appear

Our anger, our thoughts of misery, the pulsating force driving us to perform insane tasks and the never ending attempts at greatness has landed us here. This is the iron asylum; once committed you’re never getting out and guess what? We don’t want to get out. This world, our world is full of freaks, full of beasts and over populated with those who have been shunned by the outside world. This is a place where the unordinary is accepted and embraced. Our determination is too much for the average person, too scary for the weak and extraordinary by all accounts. We live, breathe and prosper in the depths of the iron dungeon just waiting for our next meal, our next workout and the next opportunity to destroy something. All that matters to us are the weights and our ability to move them wherever we wish to do so.

You think you have what it takes to get locked up in our world, have the key thrown away and then survive? You’d better be ready; there’s no other option for you.


The nature of the beast

The game we play is tougher than any other. What other sport do you know of that those who play it willingly beat themselves up, tear themselves down and look for the pain? Pain, we embrace the pain, we need the pain to signify that our efforts are just. You don’t know our pain unless you’re in it with us. This is the nature of our beast and we’re not about to tame it. The grinding, the sweat and the blood are all just indicators to us that what we’re doing is working. Having a hard time understanding this? Of course you are, you’re not there yet, you haven’t served enough time is the asylum yet and you certainly haven’t earned your stripes yet. It’s in our nature to embrace hard work and to toil in agony for years on end only to be rewarded with a pound or two or new muscle with each year that passes. We’re fine with that; it’s the nature of our beast and there’s no turning back.

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Be afraid

There is no place for complacency in the iron asylum. When you enter you better understand one thing; you’re either moving forward with each and every workout you complete or you’re heading for the door. Those freak shows that dwell here, yeah you know the ones who stalk the asylum looking for their next prey, looking for the weaklings of the pack; they’re the ones you need to fear. Like glaciers forging through the earth’s crust destroying everything in its path, the monsters that live in the iron asylum trudge through the gym with one mission in mind; seek and destroy. Think you have what it takes to come up against one of them, challenge them and stake your claim to dominance? Think again brother. The beasts here are lifers, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Know your role, show your respect and try your best not to get fed to the animals.

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Fight or Flight

A natural and normal human reaction to adversity is a process known as the fight or flight response. This is what separates the weak from the strong. When shit hits the fan and you have the choice of running or standing your ground, how you react will determine the type of person you are. Here in the iron asylum we also have a natural response; it’s called the fight or fight response. That’s right, there are no other options and you better fight tooth and nail to earn the accolades you want and desire. Deep in your gut, when you know it’s about to go down, and you start to get that nervous shaky feeling, your adrenaline levels start rising and then something happens where a split decision by you must be made, what are you going to do? Will you cower and crawl up into the fetal position or will you come out guns blazing? That’s the true testament of your will and the identification of your character. Want some? Come get it.

Go to that deep and dark place in the recesses of your soul and that’s where you’ll find us. Remember, we’re not visitors at the iron asylum; this is where we live and this is what we know. To some it is the cruelest place on earth, to others it is a place of euphoria.

When the iron is put down and the chalk dust settles where will you be? Are you going to be a part of the freak show or at home licking your wounds? Embrace the life, endure the pain, let fear guide your way, always fight back and make yourself feel at home. The iron asylum will always be here; will you?

Author: Dana Bushell

AST Sports Science sponsored athlete/writer, Endevr Brand Ambassador, Max Out or Get Out apparel sponsored writer, Sponsored by Schiek, SKECHERS Brand Ambassador.

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