Workout Routine: Colin Wayne professional fitness model


Colin Wayne Workout Routine

Colin Wayne Workout Routine

Full Workout Routine:

I swap it up between high reps/less weight and low reps/ high weight

Monday – Chest

I really focus on doing 90% incline to get that “Arnold bucket chest”   so incline flys, incline DB press, Incline press, Incline cable flys, I also do decline press, and butterfly machine

Tuesday – Back

I always warm up with pull-ups, get a good blood pump before the workout, Seated row, dumbbell rows, Lat pull downs, dead-lifts, along with others

Wednesday – Hamstring/calve day

Even though Im focusing on hitting hams, I warm up back and forth between quad extensions and ham extension machine, this allows for good blood pump to prevent injury, Single ham string curl, wide leg dead lifts, leg press (feet wide apart), weighted lunges (take a BIG step) this will target glutes and hams/calves. Calves I do donkey calve raises, standing calve extensions, and leg press extensions

Thursday – Shoulders/Traps

I focus alot of light weight heavy reps with proper form, Alot of dumbbell isolation movements, front lateral raise, side lateral raise, “around the moon” works all 3 front,medial, rear delts, shoulder press both dumbbells and barbell, and cable extension isolation. Traps- Dumbbell and bar front/rear raises

Friday – Arm day

Bicep/Tricep day I do a lot of dumbbell exercises on each.

Bicep, concentrated curl, preacher curls, hammer curls, side curls w/ DB, along with many others

Tricep, over head arm extension I warm up with every time (DB) skull crushers, dumbbell laying down extension, push downs with cables, and rope cable pushdowns, along with many others

Saturday – Quads/Calves

Quads leg press (feet close to each other) smith machine lunges, quad extension, front squat, many more Calves already explained in wednesday portion

Sunday – OFF


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