Bodybuilding’s 10 Commandments


Bodybuilding’s Ten Commandments: This is Our Religion

Religion and religious beliefs have been either at the forefront or an underlying motivation for many of the world’s troubles and triumphs. Many allow it to guide them through life altering or supporting much of the decisions they make. We have our own “religion” in bodybuilding and legions of faithful followers practice their form of bodybuilding religion each and every single day. Our place of sanctity is the gym and we have our own set of rules that we practice in good faith knowing that when we meet our maker (whoever it is or isn’t) we’ll be jacked up freak shows and allowed entrance.

Here then are bodybuilding’s Ten Commandments with explanations.

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cutlereats#1.      Thou shalt never share thy food

Reason: The diets and nutritional programs we follow and stick to are specifically designed to meet the needs of our current training. Each calorie and macronutrient is accounted for and there is no room for error. Having someone ask you for some of your food and then obliging would be breaking the first commandment of bodybuilding.

#2.      Thou shalt train legs each and every week

Reason:  No one should want to walk around looking like an upside down bowling pin and a complete physique includes having legs in proportion to your upper body. Leg training may prove to be the hardest component of your schedule, but without it you will never be able to truly call yourself a bodybuilder.

#3.      Thou shalt never take thy gym time in vain

Reason:  Time in the gym is precious for many of us and an opportunity to create something we have always envisioned. It is a place of business, a place of work and a place to change yourself for the better. Wasting time here by hanging out and socializing the whole time is bodybuilding blasphemy and there is no place for it.


#4.      Honor thy barbells and dumbbells

Reason:  Shiny, fancy new equipment is always tempting and hard to resist. For those who are serious about bodybuilding will see them only as tools but understand the success in their craft lies with the free weights. Make dumbbells and barbells a staple in your program first and foremost, and then start playing around with the machines.

#5.      Thou shalt be kind to the training partner

Reason:  If you have a good one, a training partner can help you take your physique to a whole new level. Their support, guidance and genuine concern for your success are second to none. Do what you have to do to maintain a solid relationship with your training partner once you’ve found a good one.

#6.      Thou shalt never do curls in the squat rack

Reason:  Believe it or not, some people actually use the squat rack for its intended use; training legs. Don’t be that person who is blasting away at their guns while someone in the true image of bodybuilding is waiting for you to finish. Just don’t do it.

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#7.      Thou shalt never perform Crossfit

Reason:  Need I say more.

 #8.      Thou shalt follow through when thou says thy will compete

Reason:  This has got to be one of the most annoying conversations a competitive bodybuilder can have with someone at their gym. Having visions of stepping on stage and the allure of the lights is very exciting, but if you truly never intend on going through with the process and seeing it to the end, please don’t talk about what you’d look like or how well you would do if you ever got in shape. If you say you’re going to compete, but stay in permabulk mode all the time, it’s time to just settle for being the person you are and be happy with that.

#9.      Thou shalt kill (every single workout)

Reason:  Be less concerned with the status on your social media page or a specific # you want everyone to know about, and instead do the killing in the gym and absolutely annihilate the weights every chance you get. This will up your status much better than simply putting it out there. Remember, actions speak louder than words.

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#10.   Thou shalt not steal

Reason:  You had to learn what you know from someone or something and pretending to be a know it all and debunking anything anyone else says it just plain wrong. We all had to start somewhere and our knowledge was learned from the result of an accumulated effect of those we know, those we follow and those we look to for new information. Don’t steal someone else’s ideas or methodologies and then play them off as your own. You’ll eventually get caught and any and all respect/credibility will be gone.

You may have your own set of bodybuilding rules you live by and allow to guide you through this journey. All that matters is you have something to believe in that fuels your passion and allows you to do the things in and around the gym that you love to do.

Author: Dana Bushell

AST Sports Science sponsored athlete/writer, Endevr Brand Ambassador, Sponsored by Schiek Sports. Inc, SKECHERS Brand Ambassador, Sponsored by Max Out or Get Out apparel

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