Best Testosterone Boosters! – Supplements that build muscle!


Best Testosterone Boosters!

best testosterone boosters

What are the best testosterone boosters?  Before we tell you that you need to “get to know” testosterone boosters a bit more.

When it comes to building a noticeable amount of muscle, testosterone is king. Without it, you’re not going to make any progress. Just think about it, women can’t build muscle like men can because they have lower testosterone levels.

You should be doing everything that you can to raise your testosterone levels and keep them at an optimum level for muscle growth. If your levels are not high enough then you can’t make use of that extra protein that you’re eating every day.

Natural testosterone boosters

A long with eating certain foods and lifting heavy, natural testosterone boosters are one of the best ways and quickest ways to increase your testosterone levels. This allows you to build that extra muscle and get stronger, fast.

Unlike steroids, that actually take over your testosterone production and have unwanted side effects. A good testosterone booster will provide you with the right nutrients to take your natural testosterone levels to the max.

Benefits of the best testosterone boosters:

  • Increased strength and muscle gains
  • Recover faster from workouts
  • Helps to keep body fat down

How to choose the best testosterone booster

There are endless testosterone boosting supplements on the market. Every supplement company has at least one, some have two or three and they all claim to do the same thing but they contain different ingredients. This is confusing, lets break it down into what key ingredients to look for.

D-Aspartic Acid and Vitamin D are the only ingredients that have been clinically proven to increase testosterone levels. If a testosterone booster doesn’t contain these ingredient then it probably doesn’t work.

The evidence behind ‘magic’ herbs like Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus Terrestris, Tongkat Ali and all the others is sketchy at best. Some studies have been done but they are inconclusive.

The ZMA formula (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6) can be found in most testosterone boosters. These minerals are vital if you are to have healthy testosterone levels. While they don’t increase testosterone on their own, if you are deficient in them, your levels can suffer.

Best testosterone boosters – Top 4

#1. TestoFuel

UPDATED: Read our complete TestoFuel review here.

best testosterone boosters

TestoFuel makes our top spot because it contains large amounts of D-Aspartic Acid and Vitamin D, it also contains the ZMA formula, oyster extract (number 1 testosterone boosting food), fenugreek and ginseng.

We found a lot of good reviews and feedback about this product and it’s a hugely popular supplement. The rock solid formula makes it our best testosterone booster.

TestoFuel contains a full 30 day supply in each box.

You can only buy TestoFuel online from their official website

#2. Prime Male


Prime Male is a relative newcomer to the market. What’s unique about Prime Male is it’s designed specifically for guys aged 30+. It has great customer reviews and is a very popular choice among older guys that work out.

The science-backed formula contains optimum doses of D-Aspartic Acid and Vitamin D, an advanced ZMA blend plus several other ingredients proven to help older men.

We recommend Prime Male as the #1 supplement on the market if you are aged 30 or older and want to maximize your natural testosterone production.

One box of Prime Male contains a full 30 day supply.

You can only get Prime Male online from the official website

#3. Battle Fuel XT

best testosterone boosters

Battle Fuel XT is made by supplements giant MusclePharm. This recently launched XT version is an updated formula to the original Battle Fuel which came out several years ago.

It contains our favorite ingredients, DAA, vitamin D and ZMA but unfortunately it only contains a small amount of vitamin D and most of the ingredients are under a proprietary blend. So you don’t actually know how much you are getting.

The reviews are fairly good. The main concern about this product is that it’s only a 20 day supply and you are advised to cycle it.

You can buy MusclePharm’s Battle Fuel XT here.

#4. Anabolic Freak

best testosterone boosters

Anabolic Freak is made by PharmaFreak, they also have another natural testosterone booster called Test Freak which contains Fenugreek and Tribulus. But it’s the Anabolic Freak that is more popular and more effective.

Like all the best testosterone boosters it contains DAA, vitamin D and ZMA but it only contains a small amount of vitamin D. It contains a 24 day serving.

Anabolic Freak contains the right ingredients and has some good reviews which is why it made our number 3.

You can buy Anabolic Freak from most big supplement shops.

5 Lifestyle changes to increase testosterone

As well as a good testosterone booster, you can also make a number of changes to your lifestyle.

  1. Perform the big exercises on a regular basis. Deadlifts, squats, bench press and lat pull down. Big exercises release growth hormones and increase testosterone levels.
  2. Eat oysters. Oysters contain high levels of zinc, amino acids and protein. They are the top testosterone boosting food. TestoFuel contains oyster extract and Prime Male pure elemental zinc citrate.
  3. Have regular sex. Numerous studies have shown that getting an erection and having an orgasm on a regular basis increase testosterone levels. If you can’t find an partner then do it on your own!
  4. Increase your Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D isn’t just a vitamin, it’s a hormone that is running through your body. You can it from exposing your skin to bright sunshine on a regular basis or by supplementing it. All the best testosterone boosters contain vitamin D.
  5. Lose body fat. You may think that bulking up and packing as much size on as possible is the best way to build muscle but that isn’t the case. Adjust your diet and keep it clean you’ll have high testosterone levels which will allow you to build more muscle.