Best Bicep Exercises – Workout Routine


Best Bicep Exercises – Workout routine

What muscle is flexed the most?

That is without a doubt the bicep! so it is no wonder that many people are keen to get big round & hard biceps.

So what is the secret to get huge biceps ?

The answer to that question is not that simple because everyone has different bodies and react not the same way to each exercise. But some bicep exercises are better than others ! that is a fact.

Here is a full workout that i believe include the best bicep excersises to build solid and huge biceps.

best bicep exercises


Workout routine

Concentration Curls (3.sets 10-12 reps)  When you can’t to another rep use your other hand to push out 2-3 more assisted reps to get that extra pump.

Dumbell Hammer Curl (4.sets 10-12 reps) Be in a standing position and don’t go crazy heavy in this one .Be careful to not swing your body while performing this exercise this is not a disco ball this is a gym!

Incline Dumbell Curl (4.sets 8-12 reps) Sit on an incline bench and try to stretch the muscle as much as you can while doing this exercise. Lift both dumbbells at the same time, but when you feel like you are almost out of fuel, start lifting one dumbbell at the time so you can get a few more seconds in rest and bang out more reps.

One Arm Dumbell Preacher Curl (3 dropsets 8-12 reps) Sit in a preacher bench and use 2 dumbbells with weight difference of approxomately 2kg (4lbs). The reason why you need 2 dumbbells is because in this exercise you are going to dropset. As soon as you can’t do another rep with the heavier weight, switch to the lighter weight and try to bang out a few more reps.

best bicep exercises

A few tips to get better results

  • Focus more on good form rather than heavy weight
  • While performing bicep exercises stretch your muscle and squeeze it as hard as you can
  • Mix your workout routine up : Do dropsets, supersets and include new exercises to your workout routine
  • Make sure you get the right nutrients so your biceps have energy to grow
  • Stick with what works! is the concentration curl giving you an extra good pump today? why not do 5 sets if you are getting the pump and burn!

best bicep exercises

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