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We are particularly interested in articles from personal trainers, fitness experts, researchers and health care professionals, as well as knowledgeable and passionate fitness authors.

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EXPOSURE (and lots of it) was established in 2013 and already we provide 1,000,000 gym enthusiasts every month with awesome material. We have 140,000 fans on various social media platforms as well as 500,000 followers on other fitness related social media pages. Your article will reach thousands of gym enthusiasts worldwide.

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Guidelines for contributing authors:

We’re looking for quality articles geared towards fitness, strength, physique, training, fat loss, nutrition, supplements, diet or anything in this category.

What we do publish:

  • Facts, information
  • Expert knowledge sharing
  • Motivation, humor, entertainment
  • Healthy recipes

What we don’t publish:

  • Articles that have been or will be published on other websites
  • Promotional content (i.e. press releases for your company), content unrelated to our niche, or boring content that’s written to get a few quick backlinks to your site. Please visit our Advertise section if you’re looking for a way to promote your product.


  • Article length: Minimum 700 words
  • Title: Clear, engaging and clickworthy
  • Paragraphs: Separate your article into paragraphs to make it easier to read
  • Subheadings: Add subheadings to your article to guide the reader through your article
  • If your article mentions specific research studies, please include relevant references.
  • Author bio: Can contain up to 30 words and 2 links. (To your blog and social media page for example)
  • Don’t include links in your article
  • If you’d like to have specific images in your post, please include them in your submission
  • We appreciate it if you respond to questions in the comment section of the post.
  • Ensure that your article is well-written and devoid of grammatical or spelling errors.
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Topic examples:

Training, Strength, Workout routines:

  • Hardcore leg workout routine
  • Take advantage of overtraining to become bigger and stronger
  • 8 Powerpacked Movements for Size and Strength
  • Maximize your muscle gains with this training program
  • Advanced Squat Program For Increased Strength

Nutrition, Recipes, Diets

  • Maximize your muscle gains with this diet program
  • Never Eat These Foods Again
  • Use THIS Diet To Get Leaner For Summer
  • Awesome No-Carb Muffin Recipe
  • The Best Whey Protein Guide
  • What Are BCAA’s?

How Tos / Lists

  • How to Start Out In The Gym
  • How To Squat With Proper Form
  • How To Make Your Biceps Grow Fast
  • How To Make An Awesome No-Fat Meal
  • 51 Reasons To Exercise
  • 10 Ways To Get Bigger Biceps
  • 9 Ways To Burn Fat For Summer
  • 21 Best Ways To Stay Shredded


  • What Is The Best Way To Increase Muscle Size and Burn Fat?
  • How Much Should I Pay For Protein?
  • Are You Making These Most Common Training Mistakes?

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