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Ads are sold per 1,000 impressions and the impressions are distributed over 30 days.
For example an Advertiser purchases 150,000 ad impressions at the rate of $1 per 1,000 impressions. The advertiser pays (150k impressions * $1 per 1k impressions = ) $150. Per day the Advertiser will receive approximately (150,000 impressions/30 days = ) 5,000 ad impressions per day.

Premium block – above the fold
Is located above the fold on our right sidebar with high click through rate. It’s proven to be a very successful spot for advertisers.

Bottom right sidebar
Is located at the bottom of our right sidebar where visitors have just finished reading the articles and are looking for something new and interesting to click on.

Leaderboard – Above the fold
Is located at the top of our website, next to our logo – which makes it a great spot. It is displayed everywhere on the site (homepage, posts, pages and categories!).

Large Block – Under articles
Is located under all articles with very high CTR. It’s a great spot for advertiser with higher budgets and/or with 336×280 px ads.

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